Student Life in the UK

With more than three hundred universities on offer, many of which are considered to among the most famous and well respected in the world, the UK is seen by many domestic and overseas students as an ideal place to study. Each of the universities in the UK offer different course specialities, social atmospheres and leisure & entertainment facilities, meaning that students are often spoilt for choice when deciding exactly where to study.

The UK itself is renowned for its contributions to the world of sports, music and literature, with many of the world’s most famous sports clubs and cultural figures having direct ties with the UK. In terms of sport, the UK is home to the current football world champions Manchester United, in addition to a host of other prominent clubs such as Celtic, Aston Villa and Everton, as well as the numerous UK-based cricket and rugby teams that enjoy international recognition.

Important musical figures such The Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones and Elton John can all count the UK as their birthplace, in addition to some of the world’s most famous authors and poets including William Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas, Charles Dickens, George Orwell and William Blake: all noted for their contributions to world literature. Even non UK-born figures such as Oscar Wilde and Mahatma Gandhi benefited from time studying in the UK, while political icons such as Karl Marx also spent a significant amount of time here.

As the biggest and most populated city in the UK, London offers a huge range of famous theatres, art galleries and museums as well as live music festivals, spacious parks and historically significant buildings. The huge volume of tourist activity in the city also contributes to the city’s vibrant atmosphere, with places such as Buckingham Palace, the West End and the Tower of London especially popular with visitors.

Sports, media and music play big parts in much of the student activity in the UK, with each university and city offering campus-based clubs, societies and facilities for students to use. In terms of sport, football, rugby and cricket are the UK’s most popular spectator sports, and students are encouraged to get involved with their university’s own sports clubs, teams and societies. In 2012 England will host the Olympic games, due to take place in London. This has seen a huge investment in sports facilities in the south of England, which local students can also enjoy.

One of the biggest social scenes in the UK is the ever-thriving music business, with many of the world’s most famous bands and artists currently based in the UK. Live music venues can be found in almost every town and city, while annual music festivals are also held throughout the summer months. These include the world famous Glastonbury and V festivals, both hugely popular among students.

Ultimately, there is something for everyone in the UK. University cities offer lively and culturally rich social scenes while the countryside provides the ideal getaway for weekend breaks and days out. However, with so much on offer, students planning on studying in the UK need to think long and hard about which university, and city, will provide them with an ideal social / academic balance before they begin the application process.

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