Renting Property in the EU

This section offers detailed and up-to-date guides to the most important aspects of renting a property in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

When moving to a new country, the many new adjustments that you need to make can seem overwhelming. A key step in feeling at home in a foreign country is organising a suitable place for renting: a space to call your own. Every country has its own accepted practices when it comes to renting accommodation or arranging a rental contract: without insider information, it is easy to feel daunted when you need to find a place to live.

This European Rental Guide is divided into separate country sections and includes information on the types of accommodation available for renting, how to find accommodation, the cost of renting, understanding rental contracts and formalities when moving to or between European countries.

We currently have guides to property rental in the following countries: