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Regulations on the Barclays travel insurance Additions account offers?

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Written on: 25.12.2009 [22:22]
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I am thinking of opening a new account and as it fits well I also need to take out a couple of insurance policies out all at the same time. So when I came across the Barclays additions account that offers breakdown cover, mobile insurance and travel insurance I thought it could be worthwhile opening this account. I just wanted to check with someone who has this account already how easy it was to set up the Barclays travel insurance additions? I will be travelling soon with my family and I believe that you can have cover for your entire family. Will they cover someone on cholesterol tablets? My husband has been taking them for a while now and it always proves to be difficult when taking out insurance.
Written on: 27.12.2009 [03:56]
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I was exactly the same, I thought that I should go for a new account to get “free insurance” but found out it is everything but free. They hardly accept any conditions, so I would say just look for a different account that isn’t as expensive as the additions account and then just find a travel insurance separately.
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