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Is travel insurance for Australians really necessary?

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Written on: 29.10.2009 [15:58]
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I'm going backpacking next year and I'm wondering whether travel insurance is a necessary expense... My mate tells me that travel insurance for Australians is a waste of money because we deal with so much in our own country that the chances of coming across something we can't handle in another country are slim. Anyone travelled without and had no problems?
Written on: 02.11.2009 [15:48]
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I think your 'mate' is either joking or hopes to see you in debt in the near future. Travelling without insurance is a huge risk. Policies aren't that expensive, especially not if you compare the cover with the costs the insurer will have to pay if something goes wrong. Don't forget that for most people, backpacking is the time when they are most exposed to risk. You're navigating unknown countries and cultures and you don't want to be stuck in a godforsaken hospital in the middle of nowhere with no money to pay your bad doctors. You can't avoid running into trouble: even if you try and live a very careful life you could still be on a bus that's in an accident, get hit by a car, be mashed on a reef, bitten by a poisonous spider, trip down the stairs... Is it worth avoiding the $200 fee (if that) only to face $300,000 (plus) for getting your broken leg patched up abroad?

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