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Cost of travel insurance: Quinn healthcare prices!

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Written on: 11.11.2009 [09:48]
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I'm hoping to go on holiday and see my daughter in America soon. I've been looking around at different policies, cover, cost etc. for travel insurance. Quinn healthcare is a good example of an insurer that offers decent policy prices until you click on the 65+ tab and are faced with paying huge sums of money for cover. Maximum €74 for 30 days cover, but €217 if you're over 65! I'm 66 in top health and I've never had a serious health complaint. Isn't this discrimination?

Written on: 04.12.2009 [11:00]
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Unfortunately, no, it isn't. The insurers are well within their rights to charge you more than younger travellers: even more than three times as much! The problem is that statistically, the chances of your needing to claim on your travel insurance increase significantly once you're over the age of 65. You might be fit as a fiddle, but the insurer will look at the statistical risk and consider this above your own individual health. In some ways this is fair, because it's the same system for everyone. If you want a mortgage and have a poor credit rating, you'll pay more. Maybe you were hard working and your stupid boss fired you unfairly leaving you unable to make repayments... The lender will only consider you as a poor credit applicant and not go into the details of your character and personal history. Having said this, there are specialist insurers who concentrate only on over 65s. They may be able to get you a better deal because they take the time to consider more factors!

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