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When to open a student account?

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Written on: 09.11.2009 [10:43]
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When should I open a student account? I have just sent off my student finance forms along with the forms of my parents. I gave them the account details for my cash account with Barclays but I am thinking of getting a NatWest student account. Now that I have already sent off my details do I have to stick with Barclays and change my account to a student’s account? Or can I open a NatWest account then send the details to student finance? Will it make the process longer if I change my bank details?
Written on: 02.12.2009 [10:01]
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Once you have secured your place at University and have a letter of confirmation you will be able to open an account with the Student Finance. Perhaps it is better to wait for the first instalment of you loan to go through before informing the Student Finance people of a change of account, at least that way the first instalment has gone through and they have a whole term to change the details.

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