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What are the disadvantages of a UK student account?

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Written on: 17.11.2009 [14:35]
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I coming to do a term in England but as it’s such a short period I wasn’t sure if it is best to open an account or if I should just continue to use my French account. What are the negative aspects of a UK student account?
Written on: 20.11.2009 [09:22]
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I found that the worse thing about applying for a student account in England was all of the documentation they ask for. They asked me to provide them with a utility bill but I couldn’t set up a gas/electricity account until I had a bank account so I was stuck in a stupid circle. I finally found that HSBC were quite helpful and allowed me to provide other proofs of address but that could have just been the branch I went to, not sure if it’s their actual policy. I suppose it really does depend on how much your French bank will charge you to take out money ect and whether you will need to set up any direct debits in the UK? But if it is for such a short period of time perhaps travellers’ cheques for the beginning and then the occasional withdrawal would be easier?
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