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Limit to student banking/ accounts for student?

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Written on: 12.11.2009 [20:46]
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When it comes to student banking & accounts is it true that you are only allowed to have one student account at a time?
Written on: 17.11.2009 [00:55]
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I also heard that you are only allowed one student account, but I have two. I already had an account with Barclays since the age of 14 and when I went to uni it automatically turned into a student’s account as that’s where my loan was being transferred to. But then there was a special offer with NatWest for a travel card and other goodies so I opened on with them. Perhaps I was allowed as I didn’t take out an overdraft with NatWest. Maybe they only limit the overdrafts not the actual accounts themselves?
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  • Written on: 19.11.2009 [07:08]
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    I think it’s just one, because I tried to open another one with Halifax or NatWest and they said that I not supposed to have another student another with a different bank.

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