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Is it worth getting a student account online?

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Written on: 13.11.2009 [11:12]
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My Uni campus doesn't have a branch of my bank, and it's quite far to the city centre (and the nearest branch...) Is it ok to get a student account online? Or should I open an account with a local bank and thus have the chance to talk to someone if there's a problem?

Written on: 17.11.2009 [10:37]
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If you've already got a student account with your current bank, be aware that you may not be able to open a second account somewhere else! I'd probably suggest staying with your old bank if it's offering a good student account and you're happy there. You may well need to talk to someone if you get into debt, or have questions about your new account, but hopefully these problems won't crop up too regularly, and when they do you can make the trip into town! Does your current bank offer online banking? If so, you can manage your finances online most of the time anyway .
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