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Help with student bank account & UK rules for foreigners?

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Written on: 13.11.2009 [16:08]
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Hi, I'd like some advice on getting a student bank account, UK rules for foreigners & banking, and the chance of getting funding in the UK. I'd like to study in London but I don't know much about the financial side of things... Can anyone help?
Written on: 17.11.2009 [09:36]
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You will be able to open a UK bank account, assuming that you have no history of debts / bankruptcy in your home country. It may be more difficult to open a student bank account, because these are often available to UK citizens only. Often this is because they offer loans, in the form of overdrafts, which aren't available to foreign students. This brings us to the point of financing... It is difficult to borrow money in the UK when you are not a UK citizen – when it comes to loans and borrowing, the lender will need to check your credit history.
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  • Written on: 18.11.2009 [23:15]
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    Also, you cannot usually come to the UK to live unless you are able to support yourself! How are you planning to fund your time here? Apart from loans / borrowing money?