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Do students bank accounts automatically transfer after graduation?

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Written on: 15.11.2009 [00:08]
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I will be graduating soon and want to know whether students bank accounts automatically change into graduate/current accounts once you graduate. What happens if you have retakes and then are still a student? Do you have to pay for graduate accounts?
Written on: 19.11.2009 [17:24]
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I don’t know if applies to all banks but I am with Barclays and I graduated two years ago. They sent me a letter saying that they would transfer my account to a graduate account if I wanted to and I just had to agree/disagree before a certain date if I remember correctly. I don’t pay any fees, but you have to be careful with the amount of overdraft you have used. If you used your overdraft then each year the amount you can use interest free decreases so check with your bank.
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