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Complaint about an employee at Bank of Scotland Paisley

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Written on: 20.11.2009 [11:42]
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I went into the branch on Neilston Road (Bank of Scotland Paisley) to encounter the worse customer service I have ever had. I walked in and just wanted to see someone about perhaps extending my overdraft. I am a student and need a bit of extra cash before my loan comes through in order to pay my deposit for my flat. I was asked to wait which is fine I know they are always busy in there, but still 45 minutes is ridiculous. Then, when it was finally my turn the guy just went to get a coffee, even though I was the last person to be seen. You would have thought he would at least tell me, but no he just went and then came back with his coffee, sat at his desk when he could blatantly see me and just read his paper. I mean yes of course people are entitled to a break but I was the last person he could have just seen me. Or at least explained he needed a break to apologise, but no, nothing! Then he went on to see me and just be completely rude and condescending, so I have decided that I really want to complain, even if it is just to stop me from being so angry. How do I go about it? Do I go into the manager or is there some kind of online complaint service?
Written on: 22.11.2009 [21:34]
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There is a main grouped complaint service but I would say that going to the manager would probably do you better. The complaint service will just send you a written apology which is good but they wont actually know what the problem was etc. Whereas if you actually go in and talk to a manger you might feel better, I mean I doubt anything will come of it, but at least you will know you said something to someone who actually knows him.
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