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Can a foreign student apply for UK student accounts?

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Written on: 13.11.2009 [22:28]
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I am going to come to England for a 9 month exchange. Can foreign students open UK student accounts even if they will only be there for a short time? What documents will I need to open an account? Will I be given an overdraft or is this specifically for British students? Can I have a credit card or will it be a cash card? If any previous exchange students have any help or tips it would be much appreciated. Thanks
Written on: 16.11.2009 [18:04]
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When I did my placement in London I opened a bank account with Barclays called the iBank Student and it was great. I only stayed for 6 months though so it was free for me but I think that after 6 months you start to pay a monthly fee for this account. All I needed to open the account was something confirming my study period, proof of address and this template to be filled in by my “host organization”
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