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Any help regarding Investment savings plan?

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Written on: 13.11.2009 [10:40]
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I am a investment savings plan newbie.. Feels like I am the only person left on this planet without an investment savings plan.. I have no idea where to start looking. I have just started a new job, which pays quite well and I will want to set up some kind of regular deposit savings account (not sure if they have a specific terms for that) so that I could save money monthly. Is this possible?
Written on: 17.11.2009 [07:41]
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I opened a post office instant access savings account when I got my first job. The interest is not great and don’t expect to make lots of money from it like when investing long term, but you can make regular deposits in order to save regularly. You can withdraw too, but there is a limited amount of free withdrawals, can’t remember how many, does anyone know?
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  • Written on: 18.11.2009 [10:52]
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    I think the Post Office allows 5 or 6 free withdrawals a year but even so it only costs a quid after that…

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