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Best pensions for young people?

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Written on: 12.11.2009 [17:35]
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Who offers the best pensions for young people? I'm 25 and looking to start saving for the next 40 years – I'd like a reliable pension that promises good returns and can keep me in the 'lap of luxury' post 65!
Written on: 17.11.2009 [21:58]
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Try asking a pensions advisor for tips on the way to invest your money. Or have a look at a few different schemes and compare the ways in which your money would be invested. It's a good idea to take a few calculated risks if you're still young. Some schemes invest in the stock market (but with caution!) and can offer you high returns that you can then reinvest in stabler schemes / funds. If you want to be in the lap of luxury you'll need to earn more than a couple of percent on your savings
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