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Where to buy OAP pet insurance? SAGA only option?

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Written on: 03.11.2009 [09:20]
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I'm looking to buy pet insurance & SAGA is the only one that caught my eye as a special insurer for OAP pet owners. Does anyone know of others? And if not, are SAGA reliable?
Written on: 09.11.2009 [09:27]
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I think SAGA are reliable. I have dealt with them for my travel insurance and never had any problems. Although I haven't had to make a claim yet! You'll have to check that the policy covers everything you need, and ask a representative about potential claim cases, i.e. what would happen if... I did this with the travel insurance and it put my mind at ease!
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  • Written on: 10.11.2009 [09:59]
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    I would say Saga are really reliable and their prices are good also, even without a senior discount. I have never had and trouble with them, and if you apply online you get an extra 5% off!!!

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