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Should you always get pet insurance? Guinea pig protection too?

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Written on: 09.11.2009 [11:32]
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Hi there, I am pro insurance in general, with extensive policies on my home, belongings, car etc. I have a very sweet guinea pig who is in the best of health, but should I get pet insurance? Guinea pig “Susie” is pretty young so I'd be paying for years and I've heard it's 'pointless' for small pets... Is this true?
Written on: 02.12.2009 [10:12]
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I wouldn't say it's pointless, but a lot of people choose not to insure 'smaller' pets. Basically, the argument is that you can use the money you would spend on pet insurance to pay the vet bills. Or, that if a guinea pig is sick you may be more willing to have it put to sleep than you would be if it were a 'family member' pet like a dog. I'm not trying to insult your guinea pig! Insurance is often classed as a 'waste of money' but of course you are insuring against the worst case scenario: if you waste your money because nothing terrible ever happens, that's not so bad!
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