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Is M&S pet insurance a wise choice?

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Written on: 04.11.2009 [12:39]
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I was reading an article about how most pet insurers don’t actually accept the majority of claims and that sometimes they even add the vets bill if they do accept. I am getting a kitten from a friend, naturally I thought insurance was the best way to go in case something happens to her, and even though I have heard bad things id rather get something at least. Has anyone ever had a problem claiming on M&S Pet Insurance? Are there different levels of cover that I could get to ensure they pay out? What should I look for in the small print?
Written on: 09.11.2009 [08:36]
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I would get the highest cover you can and make sure that your kitten is covered for the worst-case scenario, because a lot of the time when it comes to long term chronic diseases the insurance companies will only pay out for the first year and then that’s it.
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