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How good are compare-the-market pet insurance quotes?

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Written on: 04.11.2009 [15:37]
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I am looking for a pet insurance for my dog and I went online to compare-the-market pet insurance quotes but was surprised that they only compare 8 dog insurers. Is this normal? It just seems like quite a low number in comparison to all of the insurance quotes that they offer where they compare 50 companies? Is it a very small pun intended!!!
Written on: 06.11.2009 [14:13]
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There are a lot more pet insurers than 8. Try monysupermarket, or petinsuranceonline I think they both compare more.
Written on: 06.11.2009 [17:21]
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What kind of insurance are you looking for? Does your dog have any pre-existing conditions? If so this will limit the amount of insurers that are willing to cover you....

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