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Help with Tesco pet insurance quote!

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Written on: 03.11.2009 [16:57]
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Hey I just got a Tesco pet insurance quote and it says that they won't cover any costs they don't deem reasonable or necessary... Is this a get out clause?

Written on: 04.11.2009 [11:59]
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To be fair to Tesco, most insurers protect themselves in some way from crazy claims. I think that this clause is probably there for just that, so I wouldn't worry. It's not likely that it would enable them to refuse to pay for required treatment if your pet is ill: you can always complain if they do! It's probably to prevent people claiming for advanced light crystal kitty therapy! Have you called Tesco and asked them to give you an example of a claim that wouldn't be covered? It might help you work out what they mean.
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