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Who offer small personal loans? RBS only?

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Written on: 08.11.2009 [06:30]
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I'd like to borrow £2,000 to tide things over. A lot of companies don't seem to offer any small personal loans. RBS offer loans of £1,000 or more. Are there any other mainstream lenders offering small amounts?
Written on: 15.11.2009 [07:18]
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A lot of lenders don't bother with very small loans because they won't be able to make much profit; often small loan amounts can be paid back within a year or two, and they'll only earn a few hundred pounds in interest. Apart from RBS, Alliance and Leicester and Sainsbury's offer small loans too. Is there any chance your bank could loan you some money for a short period? Sometimes they will be willing to make a small loan at good rates if you are a loyal customer. It would simplify repayments too!
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