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Tips on trying to finance poor credit history loan?

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Written on: 10.11.2009 [05:21]
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I need to organise a loan, but I don't have a great financial track record. How can I make myself more appealing to lenders who finance poor credit history loans?
Written on: 16.11.2009 [04:15]
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If you are applying specifically to lenders who specialise in poor credit history loans, you may not need to worry too much about looking good. They already know your circumstances, or you would apply for a regular loan, so they're likely to expect that your credit record won't look shiny and new. The best ways to improve your chances, and this goes for any lender really, involve improving your credit record and proving you can make repayments. If you reduce your debt, perhaps consolidating different credits into one loan, and start making repayments on a regular basis, this shows that you are committed to a better financial future. If you can prove a steady income, you may also be better able to convince them that you are a good candidate for a loan.

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