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Need to prove income to get finance with poor credit loan?

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Written on: 09.11.2009 [21:30]
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I'm looking to apply for car finance with poor credit history. What will I need to declare / prove to get the loan? I don't have a regular income and am worried they'll want to see proof of one...
Written on: 15.11.2009 [12:37]
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Have you thought about applying directly to brokers who look for the best deals for customers with a poor credit history? Your poor credit record will be less of an issue for them, as they specialise in loans for people in a similar situation. Most lenders will need to see your current credit score and will want to know how you plan to repay the loan. If you don't have a steady income you may find that it is harder to be approved for credit because the future of the repayments is uncertain. You'll have to prove you can make repayments another way. How are you planning to cover them??

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