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Can I use the computer & finance a no credit check loan?

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Written on: 13.11.2009 [05:48]
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Am trying to be technology friendly & use my computer & finance no credit check loan... I've got to grips with comparison sites... Is it safe to give finance details online? Or risky for ID fraud?
Written on: 14.11.2009 [19:07]
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If you want to organise a loan online, one which is available to you without the need for a background credit check, you can use comparison sites or do some research and then apply online going directly through the website of a particular provider. Any reputable site should make reference to the fact that it is security conscious, and personal data is protected. Most sites will take you through to a special 'secured' section of the website before requesting intimate financial details. If they make no reference to securing your details, or their privacy and confidentiality policies, run! Well
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