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A SIPP pension, or Self Invested Personal Pension, works in much the same way as a regular pension fund, except for the way in which it is invested. It's certainly possible to organise income drawdown if you have a SIPP, providing your pension fund manage

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Written on: 17.11.2009 [17:43]
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I don’t understand what the annuity rates Norwich Union have actually are? What are the rates and how can they be variable and fixed? Which one is the best way to go? I have around £60,000, if I were to use Norwich Union how much could I get back per year.
Written on: 24.11.2009 [09:34]
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I think the best thing you could do would be to read up a little bit more about annuities before you decide on one company and also before you decide you definitely want to. I think this page could help you out
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