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Yorkshire building society rates cut again, should I apply now?

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Written on: 26.01.2010 [09:26]
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I have been planning to get a mortgage for a while now and have been looking around properties etc but haven’t found the perfect place yet. I don’t really know how it goes but I was wondering how to go about it. I have seen that Yorkshire building society rates have been cut again on first time buyer fixed rate mortgages and I want to get the best deal possible. Should I wait until I find the property as I wont know how much of a mortgage I need until I do, but I am worried that I will miss out on a great deal.
Written on: 31.01.2010 [18:24]
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People often do find the property first and then apply for the mortgage but I have never understood this philosophy, why would you look around house that you don’t even know if you can afford. It seems more appropriate to get the mortgage status confirmed and then look.
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  • Written on: 02.02.2010 [18:12]
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    This is true, I agree. Apply now and take advantage of the good deal, plus that way you have a more realistic idea of what your budget is and wont waste time looking outside of your range. Make an appointment and see what happens. Good luck!

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