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Yorkshire building society mortgages… buy to let available?

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Written on: 27.01.2010 [21:15]
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Do Yorkshire building society mortgages also cover buy to let mortgages? Also, am I able to get a mortgage even if I already have one? I have done the calculations and I can more than afford two mortgages, and if I let one property out it will pay for itself and part of my other property. Is this possible?
Written on: 31.01.2010 [16:14]
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Not sure what to tell you mate, their website isn’t very clear and doesn’t have all of the information that is needed. I mean I tried to have a look through their products but under mortgages it seems that they only have four options, none of them concern you. I would say go in to a branch and ask for a mortgage advisor to go through things with you.
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  • Written on: 02.02.2010 [15:27]
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    If you can afford it and have good credit then I don’t see why not. Perhaps you could create a business plan about the buying to rent plan and then show them your ideas so that they can see how much you plan to rent it out for etc and that it will pay for itself.