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Yorkshire building society bonds or NS&I premium bonds?

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Written on: 18.01.2010 [20:36]
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Ok so after a couple of weeks searching I have narrowed my investment choice down to two: Yorkshire building society bonds or NS&I premium bonds. I am actually surprised that I finally got it down to two, but this is the tricky part seeing as I really don’t know where to put my money. What do you guys think?
Written on: 23.01.2010 [13:24]
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I think you need to see an advisor and not count of randomers on the internet!
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  • Written on: 24.01.2010 [07:45]
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    I think it depends on what you are expecting the money to earn and whether or not you need access to it, and alos how much you want to invest. I would say the higher the amount the better the NS&I bonds are. I think that Yorkshire bonds are mostly for small time savings, like their Christmas saver etc.

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