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When NatWest fixed rate mortgage ends… what then?

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Written on: 06.01.2010 [10:52]
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I was wondering if someone would be able to shed some light on mortgages for us, and help us decide what we should do. Our NatWest fixed rate mortgage is 5.99% and is due to end shortly. It was a 85% mortgage that we took out for 3 years. We want to renew our mortgage as there is no way we would be able to make anything the way that the market is, and I think that our only option is to stay with NatWest as everywhere else seems to be very tough at the moment. What is the best option for us? To stay on the standard rate or just give up and start renting?
Written on: 12.01.2010 [03:10]
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Well I would say that that depends on your personal circumstances. Do you want to stay in the house or not? Is it big enough for you? Will you be planning for a family soon? If I were you I would stay in the house but try and look for a longer termed fixed rate, perhaps over 15 or 20 years. Rates are really low right now so why not make the most of it.
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  • Written on: 13.01.2010 [02:36]
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    It is true that you may have trouble finding a mortgage right now but why not just go in to NatWest and have a chat with them, they might be willing to offer you something, especially if they want to keep you. Have you made all your payments on time? If so they will normally be willing to offer you a good deal as they think you are a good client.