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What is best, secured loan vs Halifax remortgage?

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Written on: 03.01.2010 [20:07]
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I have gotten into some serious debt and I want to clear myself of this hassle so I was wondering what people suggest when it comes to consolidating debts. Is it better for me to get a secured loan or a Halifax remortgage? What are usually the terms for both? How long will I have to be paying back all of the money if I end up getting a secured loan? I imagine that a remortgage will take me a lot longer to pay back, but in the end is it better than a loan?
Written on: 09.01.2010 [09:52]
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Its really does depend. I think on whether or not you will be able to find a remortgage right now, if so go for it as although you will of course have to pay longer it will wipe out all the outgoings and just have one debt on your property. But just one quick question, why specifically with Halifax?

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