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NatWest remortgage a good deal?

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Written on: 08.01.2010 [16:24]
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Can anyone tell me who has had a NatWest remortgage, whether or not they would recommend them please. I have been reading some reviews online and they don’t seem to be that great and only seem to shed a bad light on NatWests mortgages however I like the deal they have offered me. I suppose it is the figures that matter really but I don’t want it to be really really bad. Any stories to tell, I am all ears….
Written on: 12.01.2010 [10:38]
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Well I think they are fine, until you need help. As soon as you need help, whether it be a repayment holiday or a svr reduction, they soon take the gloves off. I found that all of the people I have spoken to on the various helpline numbers that you are supposed to call are very mean, don’t have any formal training and in general just don’t seem bothered. It seems as if everyone is on a power trip and will not try and help you work things through no matter what. So I think that if sometimes it isn’t only about the figures. You never know what is going to happen in the next few years, what if you lose your job etc and cant afford to pay, you are going to have to deal with someone, and if that someone is mean, stupid and arrogant, how can you get through to them.
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