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Is it still ok to get a Barclays tracker rate mortgage?

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Written on: 23.12.2009 [18:01]
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I know that the Barclays tracker rate mortgage shadows the Bank of England Base Rate and I was just wondering whether in this economic climate whether or not I should still go for one? The Base Rate is said to increase again right so I don’t want to be stuck paying ridiculous rates. What is the best option for me?
Written on: 28.12.2009 [00:31]
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Is this your first mortgage? If so I would suggest going for a first time buyer mortgage. That and to do some research before settling. The Barclays tracker rate mortgage could be right for you but there are many others that you need to consider. Have you had a look at some of the pages on mortgages they have on here? They could be useful if you are unsure as to which one you should go for.
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