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HSBC variable rate mortgage arrears problem….

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Written on: 12.01.2010 [19:53]
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I hit some financial difficulty a little while back and in order to help me the bank allowed me to go down to the HSBC variable rate mortgage which was lower than the fixed rate I was on. I was very impressed with the way they tried to help me. Only to find that a couple of months down the line they are still trying to get me to pay the same amount. They have tried to increase the arrears I have to pay and now it is like I am almost paying double the amount than from the beginning. I have gone back in to see them to explain that the reason the allowed me to change was so that I could afford the payments, what was the point if now I still have to pay the same amount. Can I do something about this?
Written on: 16.01.2010 [22:24]
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Yes but it was different before. Beforehand, you must have just been paying to clear the arrears, whereas now you must be able to both pay off some of the arrears and your average monthly payment. I would say it is a good thing for you in the end and you are lucky that they at least have tried to help. I wouldn’t say there is anything that you can do as it is normal that they want you to clear the arrears as soon as possible.
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