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Halifax tracker mortgage vs Fixed rate mortgage

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Written on: 06.01.2010 [19:30]
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Young couple looking for our first home but need help trying to get through all the different types of mortgages. We are trying to find out what is the best way for us to go. We have a strong income over around 50k between us and so far have a deposit of about 20k. If we were looking to get an 80% mortgage which would be the best way for us to go? I have seen the Halifax tracker mortgage rate which is over 2 years that seems quite promising, but then again there is also a fixed rate mortgage which seems safe. Can someone try and point out the advantages and disadvantages of the two to help us decide. Thanks!
Written on: 08.01.2010 [17:57]
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Its true that most of the time a tracker mortgage can seem quite good, especially right now when the rate is quite low. But then if you think about how long you are planning to have a mortgage for and how long it will take you to pay
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