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Winning with National Saving & Investments?

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Written on: 11.11.2009 [07:47]
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Does anyone participate in National Saving & Investments bonds? I have £1000 in bonds and have won £100 or so, but nothing for a while now.
Written on: 16.11.2009 [21:01]
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Well I have 10k in bonds and tend to win most months but it can sometimes just stop for a few months, I think I get around £60 a month on average.
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  • Written on: 17.11.2009 [16:21]
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    It can be a lottery, sometimes you get a lot and sometimes nothing, I think it often depends on the amount you invest.
    Written on: 18.11.2009 [22:19]
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    I have 30k invested and get at least £100 back a month, highest I have ever got was £500

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