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What are premium bonds’ odds of winning?

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Written on: 19.11.2009 [07:17]
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I was planning to give my granddaughter a bit of money for her birthday but was thinking perhaps it could be fun and even worthwhile financially speaking to invest some money for her. I was interested in the Bonds, but want to know what the premium bonds’ odds of winning are? I thought it could be quite a fun way to give her some money and I would be delighted if she could make a bit extra in the process. But if most people don’t see anything in return from them then I’ll leave it.
Written on: 24.11.2009 [08:20]
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Well although the odds are not excellent they are a lot higher than other lotteries. You are right it could be a way to try and earn her a bit of extra cash, so the question probably is whether or not she needs the money right now? If it is simply that you wanted to give her something for her bday and money was your first thought then I think you should go with the bonds. But if you were planning to give her money cus she needs it, then id give her money. Some people go months without winning and some win all the time, it really also depends on how many you are willing to buy.
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