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How to find out winning premium bonds & unclaimed numbers?

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Written on: 21.11.2009 [16:06]
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I have had £900 in bonds that were given to me on my 18th birthday. At the time I didn’t really understand much about investments such as these and didn’t really make a note of them, to me it was practically lost money I have to admit. But now I realize that I won’t have been informed if I have won over the past 10 years as I never informed anyone of changes of address. Firstly how can I find out about premium bonds unclaimed numbers and also how do I inform them of my new address?
Written on: 25.11.2009 [13:26]
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I assume you still have your bonds and therefore have the bond number on them. If so then all you need to do is go online and check through their tracking service. You could probably try calling their helpline in order to provide your new address. All I do is send a letter with my old address and new address a little sentence or two, and it seems to suffice.
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