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How to check my national investments & savings number?

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Written on: 14.11.2009 [11:04]
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As I don’t have access to the internet, how can I check if my number has been chose by national investments & savings and whether or not I have won something?
Written on: 18.11.2009 [08:25]
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Firstly, isn’t it National Savings & Investments, and secondly, why don’t you just go to an internet café?
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  • Written on: 18.11.2009 [22:07]
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    I am sure teletext has them somewhere, but can’t remember where, anyone know?
    Written on: 19.11.2009 [18:43]
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    If you have won don’t they send you the cheque automatically? That is if you have kept them informed of your address.