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Opening joint account: NatWest a good idea?

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Written on: 16.11.2009 [07:07]
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I want to open a joint account. NatWest seemed like a good idea until I read some of their reviews online from forums... Unpleasant staff, excessive paperwork... Are they really a bad option or is this just one or two unfortunate incidents?
Written on: 20.11.2009 [16:35]
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As with all reviews, it's impossible to be sure how much is truth, how much is fiction, and how much is just unfortunate! It's the same with holiday comparison sites: one person rates a hotel five stars and raves about the quality of the food and staff, the other says they wouldn't go back if you paid them, and the food and service were the worst aspects... In these days of internet banking you may be able to escape branch staff altogether, so I'd always advise taking the best deal for your finances! Having said that if you need to speak to an advisor on a regular basis, it might be worth heeding some of those reviews... or at least asking to speak to an advisor before you open the account!
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