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Does my home insurance (Norwich Union Direct) cover loss of watch?

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Written on: 29.10.2009 [14:50]
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I recently lost my watch as I tripped whilst running and it fell into long grass and I was unable to find it. Will my home insurance, Norwich Union, cover me against such a thing? Could I claim for a new one? It was a very expensive watch otherwise I would just buy a new one but I think it will be easier to pay the excess in this case, if possible.
Written on: 02.11.2009 [17:33]
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As long as you have personal possessions cover your watch should be covered. However I suggest that you have a look at the policy. Sometimes your insurer will exclude a certain amount of the claim before paying so it depends if it is worth it, but if you say it is a pretty expensive watch then I would think it is wise.
Written on: 17.11.2009 [10:17]
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Don’t forget there are thousands of ways for a company to get out of paying or such things. They can claim that you were irresponsible and that it wont be covered. Plus I know you said it cost a lot but don’t just think of the excess, think of the premium increase that will happen once you claim.

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