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What's the best way to organise my home finance with credit cards?

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Written on: 30.10.2009 [10:53]
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I don't usually have problems with managing my debts, but I can be disorganised and I'd like to try and start using a fool proof organisation system for repayments to ensure I don't wreck my personal finance with credit cards Any personal tips?
Written on: 03.11.2009 [10:32]
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I have two calendars hanging in my kitchen: one with birthdays and 'fun' stuff, and another with medical appointments, prescription renewal reminders and financial reminders including: pay off credit card bill! Bear in mind that if your bank tells you to allow three days for payment to go through, you should probably allow seven to guarantee you're on the safe side! If my credit card payment is due on the 15th, I write CREDIT CARD in red marker pen in the box for the 8th. Of course, you can still fail to make the payment, but at least you won't forget it! icon_wink.gif
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  • Written on: 17.11.2009 [11:30]
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    My way is direct debits. I take all of my statements into the bank and make sure that a direct debit system is set up for just after I have been paid to make sure that I am always on top of payments. This way if I want to pay the whole amount I just do a transfer, and if I forget then at least the minimum payment required is always transferred from my current account.