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How should I finance my car with bad credit scoring?

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Written on: 30.10.2009 [12:18]
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I don't have a dire credit score but my history isn't blemish free either, and I need to get a car loan to finance my run-around. Does anyone have experience of how to finance car with bad credit scoring?
Written on: 02.11.2009 [11:40]
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It's hard to tell how bad your credit score really is: somewhere in between not dire and not blemish free As long as your credit history isn't so poor that you can't be approved for any kind of financing nor a loan, you should be able to shop around for a suitable offer. Some people claim that it doesn't matter what type of loan you get as long as the rate is fair, others say that a car loan is there specifically for the purpose you describe and will always be the better option. You may need to approach poor credit money lenders (not loan sharks!!) if your credit history is worse than you let on. They should be able to broker a deal of some kind.
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