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Has anyone found a good bad credit motorcycle finance deal?

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Written on: 04.11.2009 [09:52]
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I'm looking to finance a motorbike despite my poor credit history / record... Is anyone else looking for or has found a fair bad credit motorcycle finance deal from a reputable firm?

Written on: 06.11.2009 [14:44]
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Some companies that offer car loans to customers with a bad credit history are also willing to offer motorcycle loans. It may be best to look for a company that offers reasonable loan deals specifically to poor creditors. If they specialise in helping people in a similar situation they should be well equipped to answer your questions and organise a deal for you. Ocean Finance are pretty well known for offering bad credit loans. I don't know whether it would make sense to demand a specific motorcycle loan though: perhaps they could find you a better offer if you were willing to take out an any-purpose loan?

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  • Written on: 10.11.2009 [14:43]
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    Is it really the best idea to take out a further loan if you already have bad credit? I would advise anyone in your situation to just hold out….. I am sure you can get an old run-around to get you from A to B. Don’t spend unwisely just because you WANT a bike, wait until you can actually afford a bike and then buy it, or finance it once your credit gets to a higher level. Bad credit history loans are always more trouble than they are worth, stay away!!!!