Service Section - Guide to Europe

This section comprises professional and practical guides on the steps to take when moving to another country in the European Union. The European Rental Guide offers useful information on life in different countries, typical rental prices, advice on legal issues and details of how to find suitable accommodation.

Our newest guides are the guide to Student Life in the UK and the guide to Money Management for Students.

The Student Life guide gives a detailed guide to the different countries and regions of the UK, their best features and most appealing qualities for students. Guides to individual universities are also available, with details of student accommodation, finding work, local transport, living costs and keeping safe. This guide is currently undergoing expansion: additional guides will be online soon.

Our guide to Money Management explores the typical financial considerations for students, with advice on saving money, the cost of student living and council tax exemption. There is also a Budget Calculator to help you calculate and balance your finances.

Visiting a Doctor in the EU details and explains the health system in different European countries and advises you on how to obtain medical treatment whilst abroad. Opening a Bank Account in the EU details the procedure involved in opening a basic current account in a foreign country. Additional guides will be online soon.

Our guides offer information on adaptation to daily life in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. Students and professionals moving to another country in the EU, or moving around within their own country, will find all the information they need in our guides.

Every article is available to read in the language of the country in question, as well as in the languages of the five other Moneto-countries.

At the moment we have the following guides to living and working in the EU: