Over 80s Pension

The Over 80s Pension is designed to help those people over eighty who are struggling to make ends meet. It does not depend on National Insurance contributions, and so if you were refused a State Pension, see The Basic State Pension, on the grounds of your National Insurance record you may still be entitled to the Over 80s Pension. The Over 80s Pension gives you a State Pension income equal to the non-contributory basic State Pension, which you would usually qualify for based on your partner’s National Insurance record. For more information on claiming State Pension see Claiming State Pension. There is also an age addition paid to all those over eighty years of age who qualify for State Pension. For more information on the Over 80s Pension see articles Over 80s Pension Entitlement, Calculating the Over 80s Pension and Claiming the Over 80s Pension.