State Pension and Disability

If you reach retirement age and have a mental or physical disability which affects your daily life, you may be entitled to receive certain state benefits. However, if you are currently receiving state benefits and reach retirement age, these benefits may be reduced or stopped altogether now that you are entitled to a State Pension. You may not be entitled to a full State Pension if your disability has prevented you from working and building up a complete National Insurance record. However, you may be entitled to a reduced State Pension, based on the contributions you did make, or financial support from other state benefits. If you are concerned about your financial situation as a disabled pensioner, contact the Pensions Advisory Service on 0845 601 2923, or SeniorLine on 0808 800 6565. For more details on the State Pension see The Basic State Pension; for information on the state benefits available see State Benefits. The theme of pensions for disabled people is explored further in articles