Internet & Telephone Banking

The introduction of the internet means that you are able to manage your current account online with many banking services available from the comfort of your own home. You can view your current account balance at any time, transfer funds between accounts and print out an account statement whenever you wish. The big advantage of online banking is that it is accessible outside regular banking hours. It is generally safe and secure, there is no need to travel to your local branch, nor queue for a teller to manage your current account and there will not usually be any need for documents to be sent in the post. A further advantage to online banking is that online-only current accounts are now available. The premise here is that a current account operating exclusively online negates the need for branches of the bank or building society, which reduces costs for the bank and in turn reduces the cost of maintaining your account. You can access online banking worldwide, providing there is internet access available.


Telephone Banking
Telephone banking works in much the same way as internet banking. Many services are offered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, including managing standing orders, instant fund transfer, ordering a chequebook, requesting a statement, ordering foreign currency and requesting detailed information on new product offers. Telephone banking services are usually accessible from anywhere in the world, providing telephone access is available. Customer service advisers are available for specialised transactions, individual account requests and help with banking problems.