Operation of a Current Account

There are many ways of depositing and withdrawing money into and out of a current account. You can authorise payments into and out of your account either: directly at the local branch of their bank or building society; at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs); by using an electronic card; by using a chequebook; via online banking; via telephone banking; via post; or even via digital TV and WAP. The services available for you to use will depend on which services are offered by your particular current account and by your bank or building society. You may be required to pay a charge for using certain services (see Balance Limits, Fees & Charges). It is also possible for third parties to deposit money into your account.

A monthly statement is usually sent to you by post or made available online, detailing your account balance and any deposits and/or withdrawals that have been made since the previous statement. For more details on the various ways to make payments and withdrawals, see: