Fully Comprehensive

Fully comprehensive car insurance covers almost every potential claim: it covers any damage or injury that you or any of your passengers cause to property and/or persons involved in an accident. In contrast to third party only and third party fire and theft, this policy covers any damage to your car, and will often cover injury to you. It also covers any damage caused by a caravan or trailer whilst attached to your car, but not damage to the caravan or trailer itself.

Although fully comprehensive insurance is the most expensive type of car insurance, often costing between fifteen and twenty-five percent more than third party fire and theft insurance, it does protect your car and could therefore save you thousands of pounds on repairs as well as compensate you if your car is 'written off'. A 'write-off' refers to a vehicle which has been damaged in such a way that the necessary repairs would be more expensive or equal to the cost of buying a replacement car, that is, it is not worth repairing the car: you are better off buying a replacement instead.

Comprehensive insurance is usually required for all vehicles valued at more than five thousand pounds and thus roughly seventy-five percent of all car insurance policies in the UK are fully comprehensive. However, terms and conditions and protection provided can vary significantly between providers. For example, some policies will include personal injury cover, while others will not. It is important to shop around when purchasing any policy; you need to know exactly what you will be covered for, and how much you are paying in exchange.

Example Cover
Possible examples where fully comprehensive insurance would pay out include: 


  • where you have caused injury to, or death of your own passengers, a driver of another vehicle or any of his passengers, any pedestrians or cyclists
  • where you destroyed or damaged another person's garden wall with your car
  • where you damaged public structures, for example a traffic light, with your car
  • where your car has been damaged or destroyed by fire, lightning or an explosion
  • where your car has been stolen, or damaged in an attempted theft
  • any damage to your car resulting from an accident
  • where you have been involved in an accident and your car is a write-off  


Exclusive to comprehensive insurance, you are covered for any repairs required in the event that you skid on ice and crash into a lamppost.